Vintage Calumet Baking Powder Tin Kitchen Lamp


15" from bottom of base to top of shade / 7" bottom black parchment / 60 watts

-- Vintage Calumet Baking Powder tin mounted on wood base
-- 7" bottom new black parchment lampshade that clips onto a regular lightbulb
-- Lamp is 15" high from bottom of base to top of shade
-- All new wiring and lamp parts

Whether the urge to make brownies is a once a year event or you've got your leg in the oven every night, this lamp on your kitchen-dining-room counter will be of more help than Rachel Ray. Made from a vintage (empty!) metal can of Calumet Baking Powder, mounted on a wood base and topped with a 7" bottom black parchment shade, the one-of-a-kind lamp is 15" high and takes a 60watt bulb.