Vintage Peanuts & Chex Party Mix Kitchen Lamp


15" from bottom of base to top of shade / 7" bottom fabric / 40 watts

-- Vintage plastic advertising container base
-- 7" bottom new fabric lampshade that clips onto a regular lightbulb
-- Lamp is 15" high from bottom of base to top of lampshade
-- All new wiring and lamp parts -- 40 watt max.

Chex Party Mix became popular in the 1950s as a snack to munch while watching TV. Charlie Brown and his Peanuts crew debuted in the same decade. Combining the two phenomena into a Super-Duper advertising gimmick was a flash of Don Draper-style genius. We've upcycled the colorful plastic container into a one-of-a-kind lamp by mounting it on a dark base and topping it with a 7" bottom new fabric lampshade. The iconic Mid Century lamp is 15" high and takes a 40watt bulb.