Vintage Rustic Golden Metal Lamp


19" from bottom of base to top of shade / 10" bottom black parchment / 60 watts

This vintage tin baffled us: the dark golden and red metal is covered with tiny perforations which seem to have been made by hand, but they're perfectly aligned. The can once held Wizard Sludge, so were the holes done to get the sludge out? And, btw, what IS sludge? In any event, the one-of-a-kind lamp is 19" high from the bottom of its footed base to the top of its 10" bottom black parchment shade, takes a 60 watt bulb, and is, we think, rather great.

-- Vintage Perforated Wizard Sludge Oil Can Mounted on Base
-- 10" bottom new black parchment lampshade that clips onto a regular lightbulb
-- Lamp is 19" high from bottom of base to top of lampshade
-- 60 watt max.

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