Vintage Mustard Spice Tin Kitchen Lamp


16" from bottom of base to top of shade / 10" bottom fabric / 60 watts

-- Vintage ground mustard spice tin base
-- 10" bottom new red fabric lampshade that clips onto a regular lightbulb
-- Lamp is 16" high from bottom of base to top of lampshade
-- All new wiring and lamp parts -- 60 watt max.

Ground mustard isn't one of those spices that have a zillion secret "other" uses. It really is only good for using as a rub or mixing with water to make mustard. So, of course, we're wondering why anyone would ever need a 16 ounce tin of it. But someone did and we've up-cycled the tin into a colorful kitchen lamp by mounting it on a rectangular base and topping it with a 10" bottom red fabric lamp shade. The one-of-a-kind lamp is 16" high and takes a 60watt bulb.