Vintage Walter Raleigh Tobacco Caddy Lamp


14" from bottom of base to top of shade / 10" bottom fabric / 60 watts

When we think of people who had an enormous impact on humanity, we probably don't consider Walter Raleigh. But he's the guy who introduced tobacco to Europe and thus set off a chain of events that led to countless thousands of deaths. And here he is, gracing the front of a vintage tin, which we've upcycled into a 14" high lamp. Mounted on a dark base and topped with a 10" bottom new black parchment lamp shade, the one-of-a-kind lamp takes a 60watt bulb.

-- Vintage orange and black tobacco caddy base
-- 10" bottom new black parchment lampshade that clips onto a regular lightbulb
-- Lamp is 14" high from bottom of base to top of lampshade
-- All new wiring and lamp parts -- 60 watt max.

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